German Rock Outfit UNTAMED Release New Single/Video «Get Out»

«Get Out» is the sixth single and third video single of UNTAMED out of Germany. With this song the band shows again their various facets and influences. The rock/pop-punk influenced song convinces with a strong, aggressive and emotional chorus, with catchy tune potential. The message is about how you can’t get a person or a certain thing out of your head and break up over it. The feeling and thoughts keep coming up again and again. The music video for «Get Out» shows different scenes of a toxic relationship that is at the end because of a cheating.


Loud guitars – drums – bass and a versatile voice! That’s all the full-power trio needs for their unique rock sound. Inspired by hard rock, Nirvana and Metallica are also among their influences. Since their formation in November 2019, the German band has only one goal: Conquer the world with their explosive rock music. Nigel, Danny and Flams are not only a unit on stage. Like brothers, they are inseparable in any other life situation.

Through the influence of Dave Grohl, Flams discovered the drums and is now providing the framework for the aggressive character of Untamed. With noticeable pressure, Danny and his heavy bass-lines are driving the rhythm straight forward. Nigel’s dangerous guitar sound, paired with his energetic voice completes the unique character of the band.

When it comes to the lyrics, the Untamed do not mince words and tell their personal experience. The incomparable voice convey honest emotions, passion and energy – that really blows you to the wall. UNTAMED – DO IT FUCKING LOUD!

Fuente: Collapse Agency