North Carolina Band Female President Release «II Odyssey Within», The Third Single Of Second EP

ABOUT “II ODYSSEY WITHIN”: Female President is writing and recording their second EP, due out in late 2023, ‘The Healing Ritual’. Healing is a tough and chaotic process, it often takes pain and discomfort to create motivation to change. Often when you work on making your life or circumstances better, you find yourself surrounded by strangers and outside of your comfort zone. The Healing Ritual explores the roller coaster ride from pain to peace.

II Odyssey Within is a song that pushed it’s way to the surface through so many creative blocks and limiting beliefs. Dréa could hear the melody and the instrumentation in her head so clearly but the lyrics that bubbled out seemed too optimistic or carefree at first, then too vulnerable. Could writing a happy song about feeling like an empowered woman really cause so much discomfort and anxiety? Pushing through tears and barriers of frustration led to a breakthrough of a cross country adventure where your heart is free and your mind is as clear as the night sky in the desert. Howl at the moon and let it all out.

Upon an early listen, a dear friend of Dréa’s wrote: “I am sitting in my hotel room, listening to your latest single and thinking this song is a victory, a light for other women to see the path beyond, their «Shawshank» moment, the moment they break through the shadows and embrace the light. This song is a gift to the next generation of daughters living in the shadows and looking for road ahead. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing yourself with the world.”


An American family trio inspired by early roots of rock n roll; simplistic riffs that groove and dynamics that build to a fever pitch. Starting during the pandemic as a way to cope with canceled tours and shuttered venues, Female President writes songs with an honest grit and emotional vibe that you can groove to and rock out. Combining their unique styles of playing and genuine love of music, Female President is an energized modern rock band with a sound all its own.

Fuente: Collapse Agency