Post Grunge/Rock Act Amphettamine release new album “De: Compondo”

Amphettamine’s debut al

bum “De: Compondo” mixes influences from the Post Grunge and Gothic universe, creating something original and innovative in alternative music. Thirteen tracks make up the record, the first of which is an introduction.

All lyrics deal with personal themes of Amandha Ribaski (founder of Amphettamine), following an obscure and everyday theme, seeking to be as real and sincere as possible, with the instrumental following the nuances. The album featured some guest musicians and was produced at the “Funds House” studio in Curitiba-PR/Brazil, being released by Electric Funeral Records.

Amphettamine is a solo project, idealized and founded in early 2020 in Curitiba (PR), by Amandha Ribaski (songwriter and vocalist). In the lyrical aspect, these are obscure, real and everyday themes, inspired by personal situations. The melodies follow the nuances, seeking their originality and containing post grunge, gothic and industrial influences.

The project also features the participation of guest musicians: Roberto Hendrigo (Remedy Tones, Marven James, ex-Semblant), Malcom Gouvêa (Independente) and Jefferson Verdani (Cülpado, Jailor, Axecuter and Sadtheory), who participated in some songs, as composers or performers.

Fuente:  Collapse Agency